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Picture of Lisa  owner of Lisas Place Hair and Nail and Family


Lisa Devine has made a living out of doing what she loves, helping others feel like a better version of their true self. As a cosmetologist for 15 years, and after serving hundreds of clients, she continues to be enthusiastic and passionate about her profession. Lisa places a high value on continuing her education in products and techniques in the ever-changing cosmetology industry. She has attained a master’s certificate in the Brazilian Blow Out technique and also has been recognized for her lash artistry. Attending many classes and bettering her knowledge, ability and technique for color perfection, many nail design systems, and precision hair cutting are only a few of Lisa's many talents. Lisa shows passion, dedication and attention to detail in every customer she works with. When you become a client of Lisa’s, you become part of the Lisa’s Place family. That includes a customer family that loves to serve the community. Lisa and her customers have supported dozens of charities over the years. They annually provide Christmas every year for families in need. Lisa personally has not just raised money for charities and individuals but, also donated countless hours of her own time and services. Lisa knows that true beauty radiates from the inside out and she uses her talent to make her customers feel good not just on the outside but, on the inside as well.

Lisa's Place is a family friendly environment, nestled in the home with her husband, baby boy and two Siberian huskies.